Designed to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice

A cross-platform desktop app that provides a one-click-away, state-of-the-art quantification service embedded in a fail-safe user-friendly environment to support the assessment of medical images.

  • Upload-process-download paradigm: high computing power with no need of dedicated/expansive hardware
  • Comparison with large, naturalistic, multicentric normative data
  • Supports different clinically-relevant imaging biomarkers with AI-driven, independent, automated approaches
  • Provides detailed report with clinical valuable informations


DOstat allows Companies, Health Services, Medical Associations and Research Institutions to get data collected, processed and presented in the form of actionable insights.

Imagined to face scientific, medical and operational challenges with customized analytics


Created to train clinicians in the effective use of quantitative approaches

A web platform that provides a comprehensive training environment for clinicians to approach automatic image analysis in a typical clinical setting.

  • Helps to write a more informed diagnosis report and to reduce the diagnostic error
  • Provide on-demand continuous medical training on specific pathology