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DORIAN Technologies provides clinicians and researchers with easy access to state-of-the-art data analysis & enhances diagnostic confidence

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Silvia Morbelli
Università di Torino

Given the recent advancements in Alzheimer's treatment, marked by FDA approval of new options, Dorian's vision is gaining increased importance. It is essential for advancing the early detection of Alzheimer's disease and for precisely monitoring the efficacy and safety of therapeutic interventions.

Stelvio Sestini
Ospedale di Prato - S.Stefano
USL Toscana Centro

Imaging quantification made with the DOlab platform is really helpful to detect damaged brain regions, increasing diagnostic confidence and enhancing study results!

Diego Cecchin
University-Hospital of Padova

Dorian Technologies' solutions address a substantial gap in the resources available to researchers and clinicians involved in imaging. The DOlab platform offers a more comprehensive analysis compared to what we were accustomed to previously.

Why using

The incorporation of biomarkers in medical image evaluation is pivotal for advanced diagnostics and personalized healthcare. These biological indicators enhance diagnostic precision, allowing for early detection, patient stratification, and tailored treatment plans, thus advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of medical care. Therefore, we are continuously collaborating with hospitals, research institutions and medical associations to develop comprehensive, scientific and biomarker-based diagnostic solutions.

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